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It's all about YOUR VOICE!

In almost any walk of life, your voice is an integral part of your day. Depending on your occupation, no voice means no job. Background noise, poor acoustics, tension, ambient humidity and/or temperature, illness, overuse, and genetics can all be causes of vocal fatigue and vocal cord damage. As the voice begins to weaken from any/some of the above factors, we begin to subconsciously compensate by tightening facial and neck muscles, thereby further aggravating the vocal cord mechanism.

While breath support training and vocal hygiene are good practices to follow, one of the best ways to mitigate voice damage from overuse and abuse is to use a personal voice amplifier. Anecdotal and testimonial evidence has shown that people who use these devices on a regular basis find that they and their voices are not as fatigued at the end of the day. Teachers who use the devices find that their students pay better attention and they don't have to repeat themselves as often. Some students with handicaps are less self-conscious when they see that their teacher is also using a "device".

J-VOX Distributing is promoting several different devices as displayed in the Products section. Click on the Products button above to see our line-up, or click any of the other tabs in the top bar to explore the site.

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