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Voice Buddy 10-Watt Amplifier


- 10 watts of power

- SD + USB ports for multi-function use such as playing audio

- Tone Control

- Long Life Lithium battery



The original Voice Buddy manual with echo control can be found here.

The Voice Buddy with tone control manual can be found here.

La manuel d'utilisation

La brochure


"Just received an order for a Chattervox. I managed to get the customer into the office to compare against the Voice Buddy. She brought with her a patient with a hearing aid and the Voice Buddy was definitely clearer and louder. When I get a chance to show the two, the Voice Buddy always wins out. Wish I could do it with every sale. I am impressed with the Voice Buddy."

~Brenda Dandonneau

Sales/Tech Support Special Needs Computers

"Just a quick HUGE thanks for getting me started with the amplifier. It has been fabulous. I can really tell how well it works for me when I don't use it for even a part of the day. It has been a true voice saver. It has helped with the kids listening better as well."

~Margrit Fritsch

Wellesley Public School/English

"I love it, I have it with me in the halls, on duty outside, in my classes. It makes a difference as to how tired I am at the end of the day. I had no clue as to how hard I was working until I tried speaking in a low,soft voice all day. The kids like it. They look at me more and stop talking quicker. I love it. It's great for band. They can hear me counting in the back rows."

~Tracey Fewster

Courtland Senior Public School

 "I think all classroom teachers should use voice amplification systems. These systems should be available for all teachers for learning enhancement of the students and voice protection for teachers."

~Leslie Sarchuk

Director, Dept. of Communication Disorders, Winnipeg Health Sciences Centre

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