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About Us

 J-VOX Distributing began operating in 2008 after the owner's wife experienced a vocal hemorrhage while directing a high school choir at a National Music Festival in Ottawa. While she was awaiting surgery and working at vocal therapy, the owner of J-VOX did some research on personal amplifiers including Chattervox and ADDVox. After acquiring an ADDVox, his wife began using it daily in the classroom. Upon seeing the unit in action, several of her fellow teachers also became interested in using a personal amplifier and before long, J-VOX Distributing was born.

Moving on from ChatterVox and ADDVox, today J-VOX Distributing is a Canadian Distributor of quality personal amplifier products like the Voice Buddy, SoundBuddy, MiniBuddy, MiniBuddy PRO and many more.

J-VOX Distributing is dedicated to the enhancement, preservation, and extension of the human voice, through the use of Personal Voice Amplification systems. The models listed on this website are available in Canada through J-VOX Distributing.

Terry Janzen


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