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The ADDVox 7

The AddVox 7 (click picture on the left for enlarged image) voice amplification system is a great product for tour guides, teachers, aerobics instructors, athletic coaches, trade show personnel, Parkinson's and Laryngectomy patients. It is the perfect solution for those with temporary or permanent voice impairments as well as an excellent preventative mechanism to avoid vocal strain. This unit is lighter, more powerful, and longer lasting per charge, with better output clarity than many competitors.

In a crowded room or out in an open area, the ADDvox 7 watt insures that your voice will be heard by your audience. For maximum performance, its powerful 7 watt amplifier uses high capacity Nickel Metal-Hydride (NiMh) rechargeable batteries (included), that will provide up to 14 hours of continuous service following an overnight charge.

Extremely lightweight (only 1 lb., 1.4oz with batteries), the ADDvox 7 amplifier is comfortably worn at the front of the waist. Capable of increasing voice volume up to 15db without any feedback, the ADDvox 7's lightweight headest style microphone picks up even the slightest whisper and remains comfortably in place for extended use.

The ADDvox 7 Kit includes a waist band

Amplifier/Speaker, Lapel and Headset Microphones, a Travel/Storage Case, and 8 NiMH Batteries with Charger (choice of 110v or 220v for foreign use). Includes a 1 year warranty.

Available in Canada only through J-VOX Distributing and affiliated dealers.

To view the full specifications and brochure click here!


- 7 watts of power

- NiMH battery for up to 14 hours of use

- Lightweight (1lb 1.4oz including batteries)


"I want to let you know that I am having a GREAT time teaching my Dog Behaviour classes using the ADDVox 7. It is wonderful to be able to speak with a normal voice and be heard by 12 dog/handler teams PLUS spectators at my outdoor venue. I wish I would have thought of this years ago!! I am so glad to have it."

~Heather Barker

Dog Trainer

"My AddVox 7 amplification system is a tremendous assistance in preventing taxation on my voice. It provides assurance that communication will be clean while in my classes, while outdoors with a large group, and while on a bus for a field trip or extended tour."

~Steve Surian

Kitchener-Waterloo Collegiate Institute Music Teacher

"I have spoken to the staff and their feedback on the AddVox 7 system is that they find it very helpful using it in areas where we do not have fixed speaker coverage. This includes smaller rooms where we have small programs and especially for programs outdoors. When the weather is nice we go outside after lunch and have our Reading Program out there. With the AddVox 7 not requiring a receptacle, it makes it possible to use different areas of the yard. Thanks!"

~Lilla Letkeman

Recreation-Community Manager/Boyne Lodge Regional Health Authority-Central Manitoba Inc.

"Yes! It is working, and I LOVE it. I taught without it for about 20 minutes on Wednesday afternoon, and then I knew for sure that I don't want to be without it!"

~Tamara Schmelzle

Mackenzie King Public School/Music Teacher

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